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Introducing the Library

Temporarily closed

The history of the library is closely related to that of the Center of African Studies (Centre d’études africaines) as well as to that of the teaching and research in African studies which were set up in the late 1950s at the 6th section of the École pratique des hautes études (EPHE). This section was to become in 1974 the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS). In 1970, the collections of the Centre d'analyse et de recherche documentaires pour l'Afrique noire (CARDAN) came to complete the existing collections. Nowadays the library numbers over 24,450 volumes and 586 periodicals.

A few references on the history of the library

Library collections

Finding material in other libraries

You will find below two different tools providing information on bibliographical data bases and library catalogues that may be useful for your desk research for the duration of the library closure.

1. A selection of Web addresses giving access to library catalogues specialised in Black Africa

2. A guide to libraries in France (mainly situated in Paris) in which material on Africa can be found (Guide de bibliothèques à Paris et en régions dont les fonds présentent un intérêt pour la recherche sur l’Afrique)


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